Thank you, Paula. You made me a believer and a friend. You shared a position with me on September 6th 2021. It took all of 8 days for us to make it to the top and split $16,000 in gifts. Now, I have other positions. And I am actively sharing this with everyone I care about. In the 15+ years of MLM, gifting and network marketing. I have never seen anything like it. I am so excited! We can help so many people with Changing Lives. It's incredible. Thanks again, your friend.
Jeff Cohen


You will not find someone more hard-working than Paula Wyman. Paula was born to be a leader, and she excels at it. When Paula saw an opportunity to help people create generational wealth, she decided to use her 40 years experience and build a community like no other.

A community where everyone is treated as equals. A community that is ethical from every aspect. A community
that is completely transparent.

Paula has an incredible family three children, three step-children, and five grandchildren. Paula is married to the love of
her life, and together they have their adorable six-year-old puppy.

Paula truly believes everyone deserves the opportunity to create generational wealth.

+1 (480) 200 5574 | paula.changinglives@gmail.com