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Hi and welcome,
I am Paula Wyman, go getter extraordinaire.

I know first hand what it feels like to work hard for a better future and how it can feel overwhelming at times.<br<< p=””></br<<>

The older I get the more I realize I don’t just want a better future I want to be remembered for all of the right reasons, I want to leave a legacy. 



You will be a part of the most prolific group of people ever assembled, creating an unbelievable future.

12 months ago, I found Cash Gifting.  
For the most part it was full of promises that were never delivered, or founded by someone that was greedy and unfair.

Time and time again, I felt used and let down.

Although things didn’t work out,  I could see the power of cash gifting.
I could see the potential.

This is when I knew I needed to create something superior.

A community like no other, a community filled with
integrity and stability.

Presenting Changing Lives, a community filled with
like-minded individuals who share and practice the
Universal Laws of giving and receiving;
to offer an activity where everyone can be happy and prosperous.
We are very excited to have you here.


Changing Lives has changed numerous lives. We are a community filled with support and engagement. Would you like to hear from our community?


You know you deserve more, you know you are worth more.
Stop living by default and start living by design.



Regardless of your beginning, everyone deserves the opportunity to build a better future. Your success is our success, we are better together. Anyone can do this, no special skills or training required.
Get started today.

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